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        Acid resistant ceramic tile
        release time:2013-01-07  released by:Pingxiang City Jinfeng Chemical Packing Co., Ltd.  attention: 6893

        Acid resistant ceramic tile is made of quartz, feldspar, clay as main raw material, after the high temperature oxygen differentiation solution made of corrosion resistant material, with high acid resistance, low water absorption rate, at room temperature, easily oxidized, the media can not easily be contaminated properties, except hydrofluoric acid and thermal phosphoric acid, chlorine, hydrochloric acid, wet salt, sulfate nitric acid and other acids and at room temperature without any concentration of alkali, have excellent resistance to corrosion, the indicators are higher than the standard.

        Acid resistant ceramic tile is the main component of silica in high temperature roasting, it formed under large mullite, this is a kind of acid of high performance material . Because the brick structure, water absorption of small, so at room temperature can also be any concentration in alkaline medium, but not resistant to high temperature of molten alkali. Acid brick silica containing more than 70%, after sintering, in the chemical industry used in building acid, acid well ditch, acid base and acid large impact on the ground.

        Acid brick in the chemical industry a wide range of applications, the main advantages of acid-proof, its features are as follows: 1, excellent chemical stability, acid resistance, but also has a certain degree of resistance to alkali. 2, precise size, smooth surface smooth. In 3, high hardness, resistance to rapid temperature changes.

        Our company can produce a variety of specifications size Baohou acid tiles, only thickness is in the range of 8-65mm change. Products of high hardness, high temperature resistant effect is good. The product back with dovetail groove, construction convenient and acid resistant cement firm bonding, not easy to fall off, can ensure the engineering quality, but also can prolong service life of project, is the acid, alkali, metal smelting, titanium dioxide, chemical fiber, chemical fertilizer, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries the ideal anti-corrosion materials.

        Vacuum extrusion molding a semi dry pressing of ceramic tile with body density, low water absorption rate. In the compressive strength, frost resistance, shock, moisture, anti-skid, corrosion aspects better than half dry press forming ceramic tile.

        My company also has a professional anti-corrosion construction team, has a number of excellent design, construction and technical personnel, has served in large and medium-sized chemical plants, smelters and other anti-corrosion equipment, can undertake all types of anti-corrosion engineering and sewage engineering.

        The products are widely used in petroleum, chemical, fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, food, papermaking, metallurgical, chemical, electroplating chamber, laboratory, and tower, tank, the tank anti-corrosion lining, and in the sewage treatment works and open ground work site is its corrosion resistance.

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